US Department of Transportation Number : USDOT Number lookup


USDOT Number Lookup – USDOT Number It is a number designated by the US Department of Transportation as an interstate operating authority and also as a unique identifier which is linked to a moving company which performs interstate moves and transactions. It is assigned by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA.

How do you get a USDOT number?

If you apply for a USDOT number when you operate in the US, get a copy of the required forms or you can call the main FMCSA contact number which is 1-800-832-5660 and have the forms mailed to you.


US Department of Transportation Number : USDOT Number lookup

How to  USDOT number Lookup?

You can searching information by
USDOT Number >> USDOT Number by Code
MC Number >> MC Number by Code
Companies Name >> Lookup USDOT Number by Company name

Can you identify the need for either a USDOT number and a MC number?

A USDOT number marks moving companies operating in interstate business while an MC number is linked to a carrier who carries and transports regulated commodities for hire in interstate commerce. In this context, Interstate commerce is defined as traffic, trade or transportation in the United States.

All interstate movers have to fulfill the requirement of acquiring and then displaying their USDOT number on their commercial vehicles. But not all moving carriers need an MC number.

But moving companies that do the business of being for hire carriers that have passengers or carry federally regulated commodities across the state boundaries, are required to get an interstate operating authority MC number.

So, in effect, all moving carriers across the United States need a USDOT number but not necessarily a MC number.

What are the guidelines for USDOT numbers?

They are required if your carrier is involved in interstate commerce and meets the following guidelines:

1) Your vehicles are over 10,000 lbs (GCWR, GVWR, GCW or GVW).

2) If your vehicles transport between 9 to 15 passengers (including your driver) for compensation, whether directly or indirectly.

3) Your vehicle transports hazardous materials that need an interstate commerce safety permit.

4) When business is conducted between a place in and out of a state (including locations outside of the United States).

5) Between two places in a state through another state or another place outside of the United States.

6) Between two places within a state, as part of a trade or sale that originated outside of the said state or outside of the United States.

It is the responsibility of the owners of the carriers or the drivers to know their USDOT numbers. Be sure sure to inform your employees and contractors with the correct and complete registration data before sending them off on the road.